Smartphone Encryption

Smartphone Encryption

What is smartphone encryption?

Smartphone encryption is a process of making your smartphone secure, and protecting its data and information from any unauthorized access.

To enhance mobile security there are two main kinds of encryption that a smartphone can have to prevent unauthorized access to private information – one is aimed at securing the ‘data at rest’, and second secures the ‘data in motion’.

[blockquote author=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]To enhance mobile security there are two main kinds of encryption that a smartphone can have to prevent unauthorized access to private information – one is aimed at securing the ‘data at rest’, and second secures the ‘data in motion’.[/blockquote]

Securing or protecting the ‘data at rest’ usually a smartphone device is encrypted. An encrypted smartphone typically has a key or a passphrase to allow access to the phone, protecting information stored on the mobile device – photos, text messages, email communication, call information, access to social profiles and private data, documents, etc.

When a device is encrypted it stores the information in an unreadable scrambled format. The information is unlocked only with an authorized key with the device owner. Typically a smartphone key is an alphanumeric passcode or a passphrase comprising of a combination of letters, numbers and/or special symbols. Some high-end and latest smartphones models also use fingerprint authentication to unlock the encrypted device.

To secure the ‘data in motion’ just having the mobile device encrypted is not enough, the information transferred from one device to another (communication) can be secured through a process called as end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption ensures that data or information is accessible and readable only to the person it is intended for. Data is encrypted from the device when it is sent and decrypted only on the authorized recipient’s device. No third parties in middle, communication carriers, unauthorized persons, or agencies will be able to access to the information.

How important is smartphone encryption?

There is an old proverb which says, “a man’s home is his castle”, but in today’s age it would not be wrong to say, “a man’s smartphone is his castle”! A smartphone is the closest thing a person can have in today’s world, and it remains with you all the time like your shadow. It is rightly said that a smartphone is even closer to you than your best friend since your smartphone has more information about you than your best friend can ever have. On your smartphone there is a list of your contacts, your call records, your private messages and conversations with your friends, family and colleagues, your banking and financial information, your passwords, private and personal photos, videos, business documents, etc. Protecting this information and preventing it from falling into wrong hands is crucial, and the only way to that is through encryption.

[blockquote author=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]In today’s golden age of technology, almost anyone can spy one anyone. Thus, encryption is not an option but crucial.[/blockquote]

In today’s golden age of technology when two people on the opposite ends of the planet can have a conversation in the real-time, it also allows almost anyone to spy on anyone. It is true that technology has enabled convenience of communication but with that it also has enabled a convenience of surveillance. The only way from preventing your communication from being hacked or snooped into is to enable end-to-end encryption in your communications. End-to-end encryption ensure only the recipient is able to decrypt the message sent by the sender.

What can be encrypted on smartphones?

Encryption on your smartphone can be applied to almost everything if done by experts.

While most encrypted smartphones only encrypt the data stored in the phone which includes photos, saved text messages, documents, etc. Whereas there are few encrypted smartphones which apart from encrypting the stored data on the phone, can also encrypt the phone’s communication features like messaging, emails, voice encryption, etc.

With a good crypto-phone (encrypted smartphone), a user can be benefited with encrypted voice calls, secure phone calls, encrypted messaging, encrypted email communication, encrypted Internet browsing, and more.

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