How to protect your email account

Emails are important part of our day-to-day communication. We use emails for personal as well as professional communications. Emails contain sensitive personal and professional information – Bank details, access to social media accounts, etc. Therefore, it is really important that your email account is secure and protected from hackers. In this guide we will tell you some simple ways to protect an email account.

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Check the security options your email service provides. All email providers ensure that the email security is maximum, but a user should know how to make use of those security features.

  • 1. Choose a stronger password. Make sure it is not easy to guess.
    A strong password will be a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numeric digits, and special characters. (a – z, A – Z, 0 – 9, @#%$&, etc.).
  • 2. Always use an alternate email address in the details, this will help you regain access to your email if someone takes control of your email account. Also, enter your mobile number in the account details.
  • 3. If your email service provider gives a Two Step Verification method, make sure you make use of it. This will increase the level of security of your email account.
  • 4. Security Questions: Make sure to use security questions which are not easily guessed. Remember the answers.
  • 5. Protect your Computer: If you are using a wireless Internet connection or your computer doesn’t have a good anti-virus system in place, then the data on your computer as well as your emails are at risk. If you dont have a firewall in place then your wireless connection is not safe and can be easily snooped upon by the hackers.
  • The least you can do to secure your wireless connection is to use a WPA key on your wireless connection.
    You can add WPA key by following this method: Goto Connections >Wireless Network > Router >Properties >Device Webpage

    Then click on ‘Wireless Security Settings’ and then ‘WEP/WPA Key’. Set it using WPA key.