Dedicated Secure Phone vs Secure Apps

Smartphone Malware
Smartphone Malware
April 27, 2017
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July 31, 2017

Dedicated Secure Phone vs Secure Apps

advantages of dedicated secure phone over app based solutions

Advantages of using a dedicated secure phone over app based solutions

In today’s world when surveillance has become a norm, and cyber attacks, data leaks frequently make it to news, it is important for government officials, top business professionals or any privacy-concerned user to protect their data and secure their communications.

Privacy-concerned users can secure their communication in two ways – using a dedicated secure phone and using app based solutions on their existing smartphones. Dedicated secure phones and secure apps enable users to secure different communication types – calls, messages, emails, etc. Users can download and install secure communication app on to their smartphones via app stores in order to carry out their communications securely. However, the users can still be at risk if their phones are not secure and encrypted. It is highly recommended that you use a dedicated secure phone to carry out secure communications to minimize the risk and increase the security level. In this article, we explain why using a dedicated secure phone has more advantages than using app based solutions on your phone.

Dedicated Secure Phone vs Secure Apps

Please read below the advantages a dedicated secure phone has over app based solutions:

  • Having a dedicated secure phone has higher level of security than app based solutions.
  • Smartphones are most common targets of mobile malware, so if your mobile device is affected with a malware then using app based solution on your phone makes no sense at all.
  • A malware affected phone can intercept messages, monitor calls, steal phone contacts, record browsing history, etc.
    Cyber criminals and hackers use mobile malware programs to spy on target individuals.
  • Mobile malware programs usually find its way to a user’s less secure smartphone through third-party applications installed from the app stores.
  • Hackers with malicious intent can inject malware into app based solutions onto the less secure smarphone devices and other apps on the device to access data, steal passwords, etc.
  • Even if the user has secure communication app based solutions on his smartphone but his phone is affected with a malware, he is still at risk of being intercepted and his communication being leaked.
  • Some third-party apps also leak information about the user.
  • The dedicated secure phone is encrypted from the ground up, so your phone data cannot be illegally accessed or modified.
  • The dedicated secure phone has a disk encryption enabled by default which can be accessed only by a strong password.
  • The dedicated secure phone has secure communication apps preloaded and the user does not need to install any apps on his own.
  • The dedicated secure phone only contains authorized secure communication apps and doesn’t have any third-party apps installed.
  • The dedicated secure phone has all Google apps disabled including the PlayStore.
  • A user cannot install cannot install a third-party app onto his phone since the PlayStore is disabled.

  • All the above points indicate that a dedicated secure phone has more advantages over app based solutions.

    To know how you can secure your communications using a dedicated secure phone, please visit KryptoPhone is an encrypted smartphone for secure communications.

    – Captain Krypto

    Kryptotel is an IT Security Services and Product Development Company specializing in Cyber Security and Secure Communications. Kryptotel develops secure communication applications with strong encryption and security features. Feel free to consult Kryptotel for your cyber-security challenges.


    1. Darren Chaker says:

      Great review of various pro/con methods of having secure phone calls. Various apps have advantages, and agree a key issue is making sure the phone itself is secure to download the app in the first place. Keep up the good work writing on products to make our lives more private.

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