June 15, 2016
encrypt flash drive on Mac OS

How to encrypt a flash drive on Mac OSX

If you use a flash drive or a flash memory or an external drive to save some of your data, then this simple and step by step guide will enable you to learn flash drive encryption with your Mac OSX.
June 10, 2016
How to encrypt Mac?

How to encrypt Mac?

When FileVault is enabled on Mac, it encrypts everything, all files stored on the disk are encrypted. Any newly created file or document will be encrypted automatically and instantly. It is fast and highly secure.
June 6, 2016
How to encrypt your Android phone_

How to encrypt your Android phone?

Encryption provides a level of security that scrambles all the information on your phone with a special cryptographic key. That means even if someone breaks through the lock screen and access your phone, the data wont be available without that key.